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Sailing to Trogir...

December 13 2015 | 1 comments

Sail, indulge and relax. Just about 3 relaxing hours sailing from Marina Kremik to the south, you will arrive at the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage City of Trogir. The beautiful charming old town is located on a little island, connected to the mainland via two bridges. It’s history started more than 2000 years ago when the Romans had a huge impact on the town’s development. It is simply a pleasure to stroll through the narrow winding alleys and the promenade to find historic buildings, little shops and restaurants. If you come during high season you can book a berth at the local marina opposite of the old town, at the end of the season you often can tie up directly at the promenade. Don’t miss out on the local cuisine and the delicious wine. Many restaurants and Konobas line up at the promenade and the inner old town. What a fantastic end to an ecxiting sailing and culture day at the Pearl of the dalmatian coast – Trogir. 

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