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Friedensflotte Tales - A warm welcome aboard the SY Boomerang

December 18 2016 | 37 comments

The weather forecast looks great and the upcoming sun actually proofs it. We can expect a brilliant warm sailing day around the bay of Split. Only a short stroll along the beach from the hotel, the Marina is reached. It obviously is always something strange to join a team, who has spent already almost a week together, but the very warm welcome of Franz Wallner an his team with many smiles let all nervousness disappear without any doubts and within seconds. 

Just arrived and sitting comfortably on the back deck we say our hellos and introduce ourselves. Everyone has to tell their best story from the last couple of days straight away. All of them are very amusing and many laughter get shared. Nevertheless the chatty round gets interrupted suddenly by the organiser of the flotilla. After all, it is departure time and more than 100 yachts need to leave the marina within a short time frame. What a great spectacular sight.

As we all know “hard” work makes hungry. Morning tea with flying salami on the way to the Mirno More 2016 flotilla. A nice breeze, which is obviously far too much for the thinly sliced salami, follows us and makes several crew members showing of their best movements to catch them. Simply hilarious and a reason for lots of fun. After all the yachts passed the turnaround point in the bay of Split the signal is given to pull up the sails. What a fantastic sight. More than 100 yachts under sail and our two Anamore Yachts right in the middle. 

Up to now the day was simply brilliant. Meeting new friends, listening to many stories and many laughs together. It could be so simple around the world, if humans would rather laugh and talk with each other and not about each other……simply what it is about at Mirno More 2016

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