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A culinary journey

May 03 2016 | 18 comments

Without doubt, spending some days sailing in Croatia is a pleasure for body and soul. To make it even better don’t miss out on the culinary side of your trip and enjoy delicious home-made dishes.

Most important is to be off the beaten tourist tracks - quite an easy task for a Yachtie - to find the hidden, but numerous tiny taverns and restaurants which serve traditional home-made dishes.
Starting with self-made spirits like Schnapps, Orahovic, Pelinkovac and Travarica, continuing with cheese and smoked ham, an Istrian soup or delicious wild asparagus to mouthwatering meat or fish dishes, everybody will find their favourite.

Very famous is the brilliant quality of the local olive oil, mostly “Extra Vergine”. Many of the olive tree fields can be found close to a marina or next to an anchorage in a secluded bay, therefore it’s easy to go for a little hike around the plantations. Nothing better to enjoy some freshly baked bread with an olive oil dip and a glass of wine, while watching the sun setting over the ocean. Simply magic.

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