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The bays of Zut

September 12 2014 | 4 comments

It is the second largest and uninhabited  island in the Kornati archipelago. But it doesn’t belong to the nationalpark. So you can visit without the Kornati Permit. It is located between Pasman and Kornat.
Zut has a very indented coast with many bays such as Luka, Hiljaca, Saruscica, Zut, Bizikovica and also in the northeast the ACI marina Zut (open from may till October for  113 yachts).
The island seems barren, but there is also some agriculture there (olives, figs and some grapes)

Sabuni Bay

At the end of Sabuni Bay there is the konoba Zmara. A very nice location, with new moorings (8 with no water and electricity) at the new jetty (September 2014) and also a couple of buoys in the bay. The moorings and buoys are free of charge, if you dine in the konoba. The bay is pretty save except when Jugo is blowing (it faces south east).
The konoba Zwara is owned by a fisherman’s family and the mussels, octopus and brodetto are excellent. They also offer breakfast.
On the left side of the bay there is a little market, which is open in the morning and afternoon.


Pristanisca, Luka Hiljaca

Also a very lovely bay on Zut with the great restaurant “Bianco”. There are also buoys and moorings (4 yachts) for free, when you eat in the restaurant.

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