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Anamore Yachting supports sunshine4kids e.V.

Published   27 Aug 2016

This year Anamore Yachting proudly supports two social yachting projects in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. We have already introduced Mirno More Friedensflotte, now we would like to focus on sunshine4kids e.V. and the Hoffnungsflotte (Fleet of Hope) in Croatia.

(C) sunshine4kids e.V.

Gaby Schäfer (chairman) and her sunshine4kids e.V. team has organised this fantastic sailing event for many years and gave children and teenagers a very special "time out" and breakaway.

Sunshine4kids specially supports youngsters who are in a difficult life situation and tries to show them a brighter world to hopefully overcome bad experiences and find new perspectives. Nothing better than bringing the glow back to children’s eyes and putting a big smile in their faces. Of course, that is a lot easier while sailing around the Croatian islands and bays on an Anamore Yacht.

Sitting back, relaxing an talking about difficult problems, spending time together with qualified psychologist and team leaders is a lot easier if you not only know each other, but being part of the same yacht crew. Simply a helping hand and an open ear for what-so-ever.


As Gaby Schäfer quotes on their web page www.sunshine4kids.de: "Nothing more satisfying for me, than making children happy, and taking their sorrows away."

(c) sunshine4kids e.V. 

Anamore Yachting is looking forward to be part of Hoffnungsflotte 2016