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The „mirno more friedensflotte 2016“ sails with Anamore Yachting (Part 2)

Published   30 Jul 2016
There are not too many days when the Anamore Yachting slogan “passionate about sailing” can be seen and felt more than during the bare-boat charter of the Mirno More Friedensflotte (fleet of peace). This passion can be clearly seen every year when groups of chatting and actually quite nervous children and teenagers waiting for boarding time at Marina Kremik in Croatia. An unforgettable adventure in the Adriatic Sea is about to start... 

What is it actually – the Mirno More Friedensflotte?
Well, it is all about bringing children and teenagers from different ethnical and cultural backgrounds, with and without disabilities together and creating a big bound yachting crew simply by getting to know each other. The highlight of the sailing week in Croatia is the big rally with more than 100 yachts and our two Anamore Yachts “Boomerang” and “Missus B” are part of it, of course.
Following about the rally can be read on the of Mirno More Bayern: “The main focus is the international yacht rally for peace and tolerance, solving problems peacefully and friendships crossing ethnical and social borders. Literally throwing prejudice over the ship’s side.” This can’t be said with better words.


We, the Anamore Yachting Team, are looking forward for a great sailing week together with “mirno more Bayern” and wish all participants and the organizers a wonderful time aboard the Anamore Yacht’s “Boomerang” and “Missus B”. For all others we will post pictures and more information on Facebook. Happy sailing and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. 

Further information about the Mirno More Friedensflotte can be found on www.friedensflotte-bayern.de