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News about Yacht Charter in Primosten

The season 2014

Published   22 Oct 2014
The season 2014 is over now and it was a really great one for Anamoreyachting, therefore I would like to say thank you to everybody at the base:
great basemanager, very creative in finding parts all over Croatia when needed and also very captious in keeping all the Anamore Yachting boats in great condition throughout the year. Great job Robi!

Little Ante and big Ante (who is who?)
The charming check-in-check-out guys.  Both of you made a fantastic job preparing the boats for the guests.  Special thanks to “big Ante” for always finding and preparing something to eat for us on busy Saturdays.


Ruza. responsible for the housekeeping and her ladies:  Ivana, Tatjana and Gordana
All of you made an amazing job in preparing the boats inside for the Anamoreyachting guests. Not one complaint the whole season, everything was clean and tidy. A big thanks to you too.


office manager – always friendly and patient, even when it was a bit crowded. And nobody else will understand all this Croatian paperwork that has to be done. Thanks.

Last but not least also a big thanks to Lilo  (director): she helped wherever and whenever needed.

Let’s do the same or better for the season 2015